Nickname: Wesley Poxon
Member since: 23/05/2024
Rank: Captain
Points: 1235
Pictures: 175
Likes: 728

Camera: Cannon EOS M50
Lenses: Canon EF-M 55-200mm f/4.5-6.3 IS STM / Canon EF-M 15-45mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM
Night ShotsPictures taken at night2 pictures
Special LiverysAircrafts in a special scheme 10 pictures
TurbopropsAircrafts with propellers 26 pictures
BizJetsBusiness Jets of all kind7 pictures
Quad EnginesAircrafts that have 4 engines/propellers 5 pictures
Cargo AircraftsFreighter Aircrafts4 pictures
HeaviesHuge Aircrafts48 pictures
Rare MovementsAircrafts I don't see as often 26 pictures
Queen of the skiesThe beautiful B747's I have spotted1 pictures
Favourite ShotsMy personal favourite shots I have taken21 pictures
Retro'sAircrafts in there old/retro livery3 pictures
Star Alliance Aircrafts that have Star Alliance livery on it2 pictures
Mid Air ShotsAircrafts in the air 77 pictures
Pushback ShotsAircrafts that are pushing back3 pictures
Taxing ShotsAircrafts that are taxing42 pictures
Take-Off ShotsAircrafts taking off10 pictures
Landing ShotsAircrafts on aproach/landing19 pictures
Parked ShotsAircrafts that are parked up12 pictures
Special StickersAircrafts with a sticker on4 pictures
One World Aircrafts with the one world livery1 pictures
Military Special Liverys Military Aircraft's in a Special Scheme 1 pictures
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Images 5 175 875
First registrations 5 0 0
Badges normal 25 11 275
Badges Alliance 250 0 0
Badges Military/Warbirds 30 2 60
Badges Mayor 25 1 25
Special rewards/points0
Feedback 2 0 0
Total 1235

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